Behold! Our OPML File for all the Class Blogs

Hello everyone! We just finished the OPML for all the blog URLs.

I am super excited to read your intro posts via all the feeds I just added to my Feedly. All the course activity and posts can seem like a raging waterfall but utilizing a feed reader will help you! And savvy information professionals use news aggregators such as Feedly to stay current on topics of interest.

If you are using a feed reader (like Feedly), you can easily import this into your reader and have access to all the student blogs in our section of INFO 200. Also, there could be additions, but I will post those individually for you to add. And let me know if your blog is not listed!

Download the OPML here.

The OPML populates your reader with a collections of feeds made up of student blogs from my sections of 200 and our Section Site course blog newsfeed and activity feed.

I would suggest downloading it to your desktop (via whatever method of mouse clicks you use on your computing platform) and then importing the file into reader of your choice. I suggest Feedly and use it in the steps below.

Follow these steps if you are using Feedly:

  1. Set up an account with Feedly
  2. Read over this helpful page:
  3. Click on your user profile pic and select Organize Sources
  4. In the Organize Sources window locate the import OPML button
  5. Click on Import OPML and locate the file you saved above or drag and drop the file if your browser supports that functionality.
  6. Follow the directions on the import screen: Choose file and Import
  7. You are ready to go!

So here’s the challenge to some fearless INFO 200 student – please add the OPML to your reader and report back here in a comment!

For some background, view this video:

Other sites will import differently but the OPML is a standard file type.

Image: Snoqualmie Falls, Washington in the 70s

10 thoughts on “Behold! Our OPML File for all the Class Blogs

  1. J. Sisneros

    It was a lot easier than I expected. I set up feedly last week so I just downloaded the OPML file to my computer and followed the directions to upload it into feedly. I thought I might have an overwhelming amount of new posts (since everyone posted their blog assignment) but it was just a few that showed in my feed. I will see how it looks as we go along and people post on their personal blogs.

  2. Arianna Scott

    Hi @michael I was able to successfully upload the OPML to both Feedly and the Google RSS feed reader. I don’t think I can include a picture here but I did take a screenshot of the pathway to upload to the RSS, in case anyone is interested in viewing – please let me know!

    One question – in both Feedly and RSS instances, my blog is not part of the “INFO 200 Stephens FA 2023” feed. I had already added my own blog last week to both those feed readers, so I’m not missing my notifications, but could that be why? I was able to see my blog in the “raw” file when I went to download it.

  3. Jenna Lindberg

    I set up my Feedly account last week and had already populated it with some of the blogs shared here. Downloading the OPML file and importing it to Feedly was straightforward. All I had to do was move the blogs I already included so that they’re now all in one INFO 200 folder for easy navigation. I’m trying to make a habit of checking Feedly — it’s fun to read and touch base with people who are like-minded and those who are not!

  4. Kate Bowman

    Just created my Feedly account and the OPML file transfer process was easy and fast. Thanks for creating and sharing it. I’m looking forward to giving this a try as a way of staying connected and up-to-date. The visual format already feels like an upgrade!

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