Extension for Blog Report #2

Hey all – I am extending the due date for Blog Report #2 for any who need it. I feel many of you are still deciding on your community. There has been discussion in the Choosing Your Community group that may be helpful as you decide.

Please turn it in to Canvas by Wednesday February 21 at 11:59pm

Don’t forget about the helper section of all of our assignments and the assignment synthesis examples. These resources may serve as inspiration as you craft the description of your chosen community.

Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. Utilize Fisher and Fulton’s definition and characteristics of Information Communities to describe your choice to the class. 

  • Be sure to cite Fisher & Fulton from our course materials as part of your description as well as other readings and resources featured in the lectures.
  • What connections do you see between your chosen community and the definition of information communities?
  • What other readings and resources featured in the lectures do you feel may be useful in exploring with this community?
  • Cite other course resources or your own research as needed.

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