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This guide will help you get started with the Information Sources Survey assignment:

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Information Sources Survey:
Using LIS guides, databases, and other relevant professional resources, students will locate and describe two information sources created for and used by the community they are studying. The survey will include a critical description of each source and an assessment of its value to the community. 

The goal of the Information Sources Survey is to identify and evaluate information sources used by information providers and their communities and determine their appropriate users and uses as it pertains to your information community.

IMPORTANT: The two sources you choose should be a researched-based source (encyclopedia, almanac, academic journal as a whole, authoritative Web site, etc) and a community-based resource (Zine, newsletter, virtual community, blog, etc). Do not choose a single peer-reviewed article as your research-based resource.

Action Items:

Use the template and follow the assignment framework to ensure you’ve included all of the necessary components.

  • Be sure your paper is correctly formatted with citations using APA style.
  • Length should be a minimum of 1200 words in length and no more than 1500 maximum.
  • Remember to submit your assignment by the deadline as a Word doc or PDF to Canvas (not your blog) by 5pm PT.



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