Mapping INFO 200 Assignments to Core Competencies

Greetings all! I had a question about how our INFO 200 Course Learning Outcomes align with the School of Information’s Core Competencies. @elizabetholson has created this Infographic for INFO 200 for us. It’s super cool. Be sure to start saving all of your assignments if you are planning for  the e-portfolio option. My advice: save everything! 🙂

Download the INFO200AssignmentsMapped Infographic

14 thoughts on “Mapping INFO 200 Assignments to Core Competencies

  1. Maureen Stewart

    @michael I like the idea of starting to collect and organize assignments now instead of my last semester. Can you clarify how to save a blog post? Do you know if we submit a link or a screenshot for the portfolio? Is there a way to save a blog page as a pdf? How long do our blogs stay on the community site? Sorry for all the questions 😉 Thank you!

  2. Kristen-Marie Williams

    @elizabetholson Dear Elizabeth:

    Thank you for this helpful tool! All of my time dedication to school right now is being occupied with keeping up with the course and meeting deadlines, so this will help me retrospectively go back and organize once the course is over.

    How kind of you to help us out in this way!


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