Useful Video on Serious Leisure

From LIS professor Dr. Jenna Hartel – The second episode of the *Information and Leisure* video series focuses entirely on the concept of leisure and a theoretical framework of leisure known as the Serious Leisure Perspective, or SLP. After defining leisure, the SLP’s key concepts are introduced and illustrated, namely: casual leisure, serious leisure, devotee work, and project-based leisure, as well as all their sub-types.


3 thoughts on “Useful Video on Serious Leisure

  1. Kevin M

    This video was of great help to me as I continued educating myself on serious leisure for my Model/Theory summary. I think others will find it fascinating whether they are applying it to their community or not.

  2. Michael Stephens Post author

    @sabine I am so impressed with her work in this space! I have emailed her a few times to let her know how helpful her work is for our students.

    @kevinm Agree – I think the SLP is something library folk would benefit from exploring…especially for designing programming etc. So glad 200 students get to explore it a bit.

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