@ Usernames in Action with these Two Steps

Hey all –

Everyone has an @username at this site and on the Community Site. Mine in both places is @Michael. You can use that to reply to me. If I used your @username in my comments on your Blog Report #1, you probably received a notification from the system. Some blog themes make the username difficult to find.

There are two ways to make sure others in class know your @username:

  1. Sign your Blog reports with your @username. Then folks can copy and paste into the comment box if they want to.
  2. Go into the settings of your blog to insert your @username as the tag line.

Please give one of these a try…it might make using the @usernames a lot easier and make our conversations on the Community Site easier as well. At this site – our section site – the WP theme is super good at offering suggestions for the @username.

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