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Welcome to Module 10: Information & Misinformation

Greetings all – I hope you are all safe and well.

Is this fake news? Is this disinformation? Or is this truth and is this true information? And do I want to share it? This module explores the impact of misinformation on communities and individuals. The video lecture by Dr. Michele Villagran explores misinformation and resources to help make good decisions about what to share. Resources explore how our communities might encounter information and misinformation.

IMPORTANT: Review the post about LRM & blog action items.

Blog Report Due Dates 

  • Blog Post #5: Explore how libraries and information centers create learning and programming opportunities for your chosen community. DUE: 4/23
  • Blog Post #6: Report on the issues your community may face on an international scale. DUE: 4/30
  • Blog Post #7: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies. DUE: 5/07
  • Blog Post #8: Personal reflection on information communities. DUE: 5/15

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

Action Items:

  • Our work will continue over the next few weeks as you work on the LRM, and then move on to the Research Paper.
  •  These assignments require careful attention to detail, synthesis of your research to course content, and finely crafted academic prose.
  • Take each thing as a step in the process for the research paper: the LRM, blog posts, outlining your research paper.
  • April 23: INFO 200 Research Paper Q & A Session at 1pm PT. We will go over any questions you might have about the Research Paper. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Password: 751698

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Module 10: Information & Misinformation

  1. Becky Steenburg

    This module has been fascinating. I’ve already found myself pausing before sharing things on fb. Combatting mis/dis-information starts with us. I really appreciate the tools found in this module, definitely saving and sharing them, and I am working to change my habits. It certainly relates to my information community as well. I’m finding that most studies show parents and caregivers of young children often find conflicting information causing confusion and even resulting in isolation and despair. I’d be interested to know how this module fits into other students’ research.

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