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Welcome to Module 10: Information & Misinformation

Greetings all – I hope you are all safe and well.

Is this fake news? Is this disinformation? Or is this truth and is this true information? And do I want to share it? This module explores the impact of misinformation on communities and individuals. The video lecture by Dr. Michele Villagran explores misinformation and resources to help make good decisions about what to share. Resources explore how our communities might encounter information and misinformation.

IMPORTANT: Review the post about LRM & blog action items.

Blog Report Due Dates 

  • Blog Post #5: Explore how libraries and information centers create learning and programming opportunities for your chosen community. DUE: 11/07
  • Blog Post #6: Report on the issues your community may face on an international scale. DUE: 11/14
  • Blog Post #7: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies. DUE: 11/21 (Submit your URL for grading)
  • Blog Post #8: Personal reflection on information communities. (Participation) DUE: 12/06

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

Action Items:

  • Our work will continue over the next few weeks as you work on the LRM, and then move on to the Research Paper.
  •  These assignments require careful attention to detail, synthesis of your research to course content, and finely crafted academic prose.
  • Take each thing as a step in the process for the research paper: the LRM, blog posts, outlining your research paper.

Image: Maplehurst Nature Reserve, Fall 2020

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Module 10: Information & Misinformation

  1. Kristina Schulze

    Wow! That was an interesting quiz. 7/8, but a couple were lucky guesses. The signs to watch out for are helpful, however, I always assumed that no identifying information just meant that they wanted to stay anonymous. Now I’ll definitely have more information to consider when first viewing an account.

  2. Christina Perucci

    I happened to hear an interview yesterday on my local NPR station with someone from News Literacy Project ( all about misinformation. They primarily work with educators and journalists, but have created some resources for the general public, including a special series for seniors. They even have a course on how to survive Thanksgiving dinner:) As an added bonus, there’s story at the end of the show about whether the Sac State Library is haunted.

  3. Zoe Williams

    I sent “Spot the Troll” to my family and a few friends. Wow! I am FB friends with a friend’s mom, and I have long believed that most of what she reposts is troll/bot material. Her daughter has talked about it with her, but I don’t think she believes her. I hope she takes this quiz.

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