Welcome to Module 13: Emerging Technologies

The link for Module 13 can be found here. I hope everyone is well and your writing is progressing. We are in the home stretch! Please contact me if you need anything or have questions. 


Blog Reports:

  • Blog Post #6: Report on the issues your community may face on an international scale. DUE: 11/13
  • Blog Post #7: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies. DUE: 11/20
  • Blog Post #8: Personal reflection on information communities. (Participation) DUE: 12/6

Upcoming Assignments:

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Module 13: Emerging Technologies

  1. Alex Galdamez

    This was a good intro on emerging technologies when thinking about our blog #7. I know you defined emerging technology very loosely, but are there any standards as to what we refer to as emerging technology for our blog post? For example, would smart phones still be considered emerging technology…or not because they’re at a 81% adoption rate? My initial thoughts on my blog post immediately went to smart phone capabilities, which are constantly changing even if the phone itself is not new.

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