Month: March 2024

Sources Surveys Graded & Grading Criteria

Greetings all – The submitted Information Sources Surveys are graded. Everyone did well overall. Reminder: I want to make sure students review the rubrics and grading criteria for our coursework. The Assignment Submission Guidelines  were part of the Getting Started Module and are also found in the menu under Assignments. Be sure to review those […]

Web Sleuths featured on CBC Podcast

Hey all – this is fun! School of Information graduate Corrina Oates was interviewed on this podcast about her INFO 200 paper that we use as an assignment synthesis example. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation folks must have found her paper via web search and reached out to her! Her interview starts at around 12:55 into […]

Links to LRM Videos

Hey all – @kevinm helped me discover I had an old link in the “Getting Started” post for the LRM. Here is the updated version: Literature Review Matrix Download: Web (Captioned) Lecture Slides Video Podcast (mp4) Audio Podcast. (mp3) @kevinm also asked for clarification about the column of the LRM devoted to the Theorhetical or […]

Useful Article on Information Grounds

Hey all – One of you may have cited this in your Blog report #4…I had it open in a tab and thought it would be good to share: Might be useful to this of you looking at information grounds, students, etc. Fisher, K.E., Landry, C.F. and Naumer, C. (2006). “Social spaces, casual interactions, […]