Blog Report #2 Graded

Hey all – I have graded all of the Blog Report #2 posts in Canvas! Thanks for your hard work! I enjoyed reading about your communities and the connections you made to Fisher & Fulton aspects of ICs.

Going forward, be sure to follow the Blog Report descriptions and helpers for each one. Leave time to proof your work and make sure your writing is academic and polished. Be sure to review submission info and the rubrics as well.


  • Each of the eight required blog posts will be posted by the prescribed due date on one’s WordPress blog site.
  • Submit each Blog Report to Canvas on the due date.
  • Blog posts must be at least 300 words in length.
  • Note: WordPress does not allow one easily to add a “hanging indent” for references listed in APA 7 format.
  • All assignments are due on Sundays unless otherwise noted and must be turned in by 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • If life circumstances require students to request an extension, please do so several days before the assignment is due or as soon as possible.

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