Class Social Time Recording

Hey all – thanks to everyone who came to the session today! So many good questions!Here is the recording.

If you could not attend, I strongly urge you to watch. There were many excellent questions about community choice, research and workflows.


7 thoughts on “Class Social Time Recording

  1. Marilyn

    This recording was really helpful. Thank you! It makes me think about my information community — I’d like to do something involving book clubs. I wish I saw it on your list of successful choices. Surely I’ll have to narrow my topic — online book clubs, genre based, celebrity book clubs and how they impact the sell and circulation of titles, library communities answering the needs of book clubs, etc. Hopping you think the community plausible.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @wordswordswords I have had successful papers about information, communities related to various genres of books as well as book clubs. I think it is doable. There is research out there about the information needs a various types of readers, but also looking at it from the enthusiast point of view or serious leisure might be very useful.

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