9 thoughts on “Research Paper Q & A Recording – Please Watch!

  1. Priscilla Tran


    Thank you for sharing this recording! I’m sad to have missed the meeting, but this was so helpful with answering a lot of the questions I had for the research paper as well. Thank you also for the extension on the paper and the slight entertainment with the movement of your monitor! That was fun to watch! Thank you again for taking the time out for this space and for sharing the recording.

  2. Grant Conour

    @Michael Thank you for posting this! I have another question that I don’t believe was in the recording, but my apologies if I missed it – In several posts, including the assignment helper, you remind us of the importance of using the headings you provide, in the order you provide them. One of those headings you list is “Introduction.” However, the APA 7 style guide specifies not to use “Introduction” as a heading as it is presumed that the opening paragraphs will be an introduction. Instead, it specifies to place the introductory paragraphs underneath a heading that is the title of the paper. Which would you prefer?

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