3 thoughts on “Research Paper Q & A Recording – Please Watch!

  1. Dawn Opheim

    Thanks so much for posting this @michael – I’m also disappointed that I couldn’t make it but I’m glad a finally had the opportunity to watch it! I do have a couple questions (that hopefully help some other people too!)

    1. Just for clarification – the lit review section should have about three or four ‘sections/subheadings’ (with whatever aspects you’re covering, as we won’t be able to cover them all)? Is there a specific number of articles we should be looking to use or aiming for within our lit review section?

    2. I assume, since we don’t have a lot of word count space in our paper, that we don’t necessarily have to ‘explain’ things thoroughly…. for example, if I say my information community falls into serious leisure, I don’t need to take a lot of time explaining exactly what serious leisure is, but rather here are all the articles that support that? Or with Kuhlthau’s ISP, I wouldn’t go through all the stages and provide explanations etc of every little bit. I should be assuming that, with a brief explanation, readers know what serious leisure or ISP is? Does that even make sense?!

    Thanks so much,

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