Research Paper Q & A Recording – Please Watch!

Thanks to all who attended! the questions were GREAT and I think the answers will be very helpful to many.

NOTE: Research paper is now due May 13th by 11:59pm PT.

AND ——  Due dates for Blog Report #6 & #7 are relaxed as well if you need them to be! Blanket Extensions!

Watch or download the session here.


3 thoughts on “Research Paper Q & A Recording – Please Watch!

  1. Arielle Strauss Brueland

    Thank you for posting the Q+A for those of us who couldn’t attend! This was very helpful. I have a question that wasn’t covered. How strict is the word count for the research paper? I’m currently 360 words over the maximum, not counting the abstract and reference list, and this is after already cutting chunks out. Who may I reach out to for help with making my paper more concise?

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @arielf The Writing Center may be super busy but you could see if there was an appointment available. One thought is to walk away from it for a day or two and then come back with an editor’s eye and tighten things up.The word count is part of the rubric so I do count off. We used to get papers in 200 of 5000+ words!

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