Welcome to Module 11: Teaching and Learning

Greetings all! Now we turn our attention to librarians and information professionals encouraging and supporting learning for their communities. The exchange of information and knowledge within communities of learners is an area ripe for exploration.  How people learn, what motivates them, and how we can assess them are viable questions for information professionals.  This module explores how the 20th century “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” mindset gives way to a new culture of learning where opportunities to learn anywhere and everywhere multiply. What examples might you find of libraries encouraging learning opportunities for your chosen community?

NEWS: LRM Extension to November 11!

Action Items:

  • Our work will continue as you move on to the LRM &  Research Paper.
  • Please plan your writing time accordingly. These assignments require careful attention to detail, synthesis of your research to course content, and finely crafted academic prose.

Class Social Time & Chats:

Also, I am on Zoom IM as much as possible during the day. You can message me if you have a question or need to check in about something. Michigan is in eastern time so I am usually winding down by around 7pm or so.

Blog Report Due Dates 

    • Blog Post #5: Explore how libraries and information centers create learning and programming opportunities for your chosen community. DUE: 10/30
    • Blog Post #6: Report on the issues your community may face on an international scale. DUE: 11/13
    • Blog Post #7: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies. DUE: 11/20 
    • Blog Post #8: Personal reflection on information communities. (Participation) DUE: 12/6
Major Assignment Due Dates: 

Grading Reminder:

Grading will be based on 100 possible points.

  • All assignments are due on Sundays and must be turned in by 11:59 p.m. PT
  • Late submissions will be reduced by 20% of the total points possible for that assignment.
  • If life circumstances require students to request an extension, please do so several days before the assignment is due or as soon as possible.
  • Communication and interaction throughout the semester via the course site is expected and required.
  • No incompletes are given for this section of INFO 200.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Module 11: Teaching and Learning

  1. Nidia Melgoza

    I love the view of the library as “the help desk of the community”, it’s so accurate!!! A lot of what I do at my library is helping patrons navigate technology and the digital space so that really resonated for me.

  2. Aaron Rodgers

    Hey Professor Stephens:

    Just read this again, and I just wanted to say, I look forward to attending the Q&A with you guys on November 6. I’ll be sure to put that on my phone right now. Thank you for looking out for us.

    I got a bunch of articles chosen for the LRM and have been working on the template that you gave us. I have also been getting help from the Writing Center whenever I am stuck. If any of you guys have trouble with you LRMs I would suggest checking out the Writing Center website.

    Take care everyone and have a nice weekend.



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