Welcome to Module 2: Researching Information Communities

This week’s module introduces you to graduate-level writing and research in the LIS discipline.  In addition to the the Things to Read, Things to Explore, and Things to View, it is broken into two key parts:Part 1: Identifying Information Sources and Part 2: Academic Writing Conventions and APA Style.

Everyone should be settling in on our two WordPress sites. This one is our course site just for our section. The other is the full Community Site, where you’ll be blogging.

Please read this important post about graduate work in this course.

Class Assignment Chat:

Students are encouraged to attend if schedules allow. The session will be recorded.

Action Items:
  • For this site: If you haven’t added a profile pic or avatar, please do so by editing your Profile under the top right-hand menu on our site. Remember: you can use any image to represent yourself in class. I’d also suggest doing it at the Community Site as well.
  • Be sure you are logged into to our section site to make use of all of the social and commenting features. There will many opportunities to discuss assignments forthcoming.
  • Try using an @username to give another classmate a shout out or send me a public thought with @michael. See this page for more info.
  • Also, please share your intro URL here while we finish up the OPML. Browse the posts and read about your classmates.
  • Do not miss the “Getting Started” for Choosing Your Community. Read this helper post and related links closely.

Blog Reports Due Dates: (Full blog report descriptions are here.)

  • Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. 2/9
  • Blog Post #3: Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community. 3/1
  • Blog Post #4: Summarize one of the peer-reviewed articles relating to your information community you’ve found. 3/8
Major Assignment Due Dates: 

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Module 2: Researching Information Communities

  1. Kristen-Marie Williams

    Hello. I have a clarification question to ask regarding acceptable font for our class writing:

    On this page of Module 2 (https://infocom.hyperlib.sjsu.edu/part-2-academic-writing-conventions-apa-style/) I see: that “12-point Times New Roman or Courier font” is recommended, but that differs with what I see on page 44 of my 7th edition APA guide, which give the options: 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, 10-point Lucinda Sans Unicode, 12-point Times New Roman, 11-point Georgia, or 10-point Computer Modern (which I actually don’t have in my Microsoft Word app).

    Sorry to split hairs, I just want to be sure I pick an acceptable font, so I’d like to know what you prefer.

    Thank you,

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