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Checking In – Questions?

Hey all – The days seem to slip by in a blur. I am often saying “What day is this?”

At this point in INFO 200, you should be actively researching and reading articles for the LRM. Remember to look at the Action Items for this time.

Please contact me on our section site, email me at mstephens7@mac.com, or look for me on Zoom if you have questions about your work on the LRM or future assignments.

Stay safe!

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2 thoughts on “Checking In – Questions?

  1. Christopher Hosler

    I have very much been feeling same regarding the “what day is this?” I have been training as a poll worker for the past week and just completed set up. Early voting in my area starts tomorrow! There has been a lot of stress regarding communication, changing procedures, and just hoping all the voters will be patient.

    I have been taking what I am learning from this class and looking for real life examples. I feel like I’m living in the perfect example of how information is being distributed, found, and processed by working on an election. For example, a few voters were showing up to my vote center during set up day to drop off mail in ballots. I asked where they were seeing the information from that we were open and they responded with either google maps, voting guides, or the county’s voting website. I suspect they didn’t check the dates carefully as I double checked all those sources and they all had the date of October 31st for the opening day. I guess even the best laid information can be foiled by the simplest of things.

    1. jamietongol

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for sharing a great real-life example of working as a poll worker. I’ve been reading a lot of our classmate’s blogs and assigned readings for the LMR and Research Paper assignment and I agree with you about learning from this class and tieing it in with real-life examples. Just the other day a good friend of mine is trying to start her bakery business from home and hoping to sell to people within the next couple of weeks. She asked me how we should market her desserts it came to me about the power of word of mouth. The information being passed from person to person. I told my friend that we need people to tell others and from there social media can also play a great part in sharing information as well, but something about oral communication from a trusted person can make a whole difference.

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