Checking In

Hey all – I just want to do a general check in with everyone and see how you are doing. I just want make sure everybody’s doing OK. It feels like there is a lot of churn in the world right now, so please take good care of yourselves.


Image: Morning walk.

16 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Kevin M

    @michael Hanging in there and powering through. Gearing up for the busy final month of the semester. I guess luckily the busyness is keeping me distracted from the chaos out in the world. Working on taking care of myself mentally and physically through this process. Thank you for your empathy and checking in on us!

  2. Sabine

    Thank you for checking in! I have to agree with Kevin: my studies/work has been keeping me very busy. Researching about beekeepers and bee in general has a wonderful feel-good effect. Awesome picture 🙂 Is that the moon in the sky???

  3. Daniel Nero

    Thanks for checking in @michael! I’m currently experiencing burnout from my job, but — interestingly — the work for my MLIS degree has been giving me the jolt to keep going! I guess there is something to say about one’s work aligning with one’s passion.

  4. Asia Groves

    Hi! I am feeling good about the pace I’ve taken with the LRM and it really has helped me understand and think about my sources better. I have lots of major assignments happening all at the same time, but the slight reduction in readings across the board has given a very helpful amount of extra time for project work.

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