Checking In

Hey all – I just want to do a general check in with everyone and see how you are doing. I just want make sure everybody’s doing OK. It feels like there is a lot of churn in the world right now, so please take good care of yourselves.

I have a post coming tomorrow to guide you through the last steps of your work in 200. Please watch for it!



Image: Morning walk.

6 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Philip Busacco

    The world is crazy right now, it is painful to see us act like children making adult decisions, but when has it ever not been the case? Honestly between work ,school and an upcoming root canal, I just treading to keep my head up.

  2. Paula

    It’s horrible knowing how so many people out there are suffering and watching everything happen on a screen in the comfort of my own home. On the other hand, I see so many people speaking out in support and wanting horrendous acts to stop so there is hope.

  3. Natalie Moore

    Thanks for checking in-that’s very kind of you. I think people who pursue careers in info sciences are very kind and empathetic. It’s hard to be that way when the world is on fire. Appreciate your recognition of that!

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