Describing Your Community

Greetings all – I think it would be useful for the next  assignments for all of you to work on refining your description of your information community. You wrote a blog post a few weeks ago: Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. […]

Important: Blog Report #4

I just want to check in with everyone about Blog Report number four. This blog report should highlight a single article from your own individual research into your communities’ information behaviors and needs. Please do not select an article from our course readings —  if anybody has started down this path that is fine. Just […]

Reminders About Writing & Assignments

Greetings all – I grabbed these Action Items from a post from a few days ago. All of these things can also apply to your blogging: Some Action Items going forward: The rest of the assignments will require a more formal approach and require synthesis of the research-based, scholarly LIS literature you’ve located and a […]

Reflection Blogging Grading & More

Some thoughts for you all related to a question I had about our Blog Report assignment as you work on Blog Report #4 and beyond. Start getting very serious about weaving your peer reviewed sources and studies you are finding into your posts. That will set you up to have draft chunks of your paper. […]