SJCPL Response to Book Challenges

For background, please see: I worked for 15 years at SJCPL. This issue felt close to home for me. This is the statement read by Dawn Mathews, Director of Branch Services at SJCPL at the meeting. I think it is powerful and I wanted to share. The first amendment to the Constitution protects our […]

Welcome to Module 3: Information Seeking Behavior

Welcome to Module 3! Information – creation, accession, consumption, and dissemination – pervades everything we do and is a foundational characteristic of information communities. From studying the information seeking behaviors of varied and diverse populations to analyzing information activities in online settings, the importance of the exchange is foundational to understanding libraries, emerging information technologies […]

Important: Surveys & Interviews

Greetings all – Here is a post I share each semester about surveys and interviews.   We had a question come in about students in INFO 200 interviewing or surveying members of their chosen community. This prompted some discussion amongst the 200 instructors and the chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) on campus. Some […]

Happy Labor Day

Hey all – Up here in northern Michigan there is the tiniest bit of fall in the air. “And summer became the fall…” goes the song. Our new module will go up on Monday as usual but please also enjoy the last holiday of the summer if you can. It’s always good to take a […]

Writing Center Sessions

Hey all – From the Writing Center: We offer writing workshops, including special programs for graduate-level students and multilingual learners. All our regular workshops are one-hour long and conducted virtually through Zoom. Each workshop topic is led by either a writing tutor or a professional staff member, and you will join other participants to learn […]