Graduate Work & This Course

Hello everyone – I wanted to send out a reminder of key items related to graduate work and this course from the Getting Started Module. We are heading into an important phase of the class. The School requires that students earn a B in this course. If the grade is less than B (B- or […]

Writing Center Sessions

Hey all – From the Writing Center — The Writing Center will be open this term for in-person tutoring, online tutoring, drop-in live chat, online workshops, and a number of special events (e.g., our intensive Foundations of Graduate Writing series for early career graduate students). As always, we have asynchronous instructional writing resources (such as videos […]

Welcome to INFO 200 Information Communities

Start here! Greetings all! Welcome to INFO 200 Information Communities Section 02! This course focuses outward on the people librarians and information professionals serve, those who are creating, using and sharing information. Framing the course as outward-­facing reflects exactly how our graduates and information professionals should view the world. Instead of putting the library in the center, […]

Action Items for Starting INFO 200

Greetings all! Here are some Action Items to get us started with INFO 200. If you haven’t already create your account on our section site (that’s here!): Start here: Fill in your name, username, e-mail, and create a strong password. You are free to use a pseudonym, but please tell me who you are! Note: your […]